Tips for Making Your Own Cosplay Costume

If you want to make your own cosplay costume, know that it involves a learning curve. The reason is that you have to choose the right fabric and design your own patterns. There are many ways to learn the art. You can either learn from your own mistakes or follow some written instructions. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips that can help you make one yourself.

Get Reference Images

Based on your character, you may want to get some reference images. This will help you see the full body of the character. Make sure that the reference images offer details of the shoes and accessories of the character.

Buy Required Items

You should start by looking for the items you need. Some of the items that you may need for this job include shoes, necklaces, t-shirts, and belts. It is better that you get T-shirts as you can change them by dying, cutting, and fabric painting.

Get the Required Accessories

You can also make the accessories you need. You may want to start with smaller objects and then work your way up. This will help you make your hands steady so you can work on the bigger things. An easy way is to draw the object, get measurements, and then get an estimate of the fabric size. Your next move is to purchase the fabric and then sew you the required thing after cutting it out.

Sew the Bigger Pieces

An easy way to sew the bigger pieces is to buy them from eBay or your desired thrift stores. You can then make your required alterations to the pieces. On the other hand, if you want to make a costume, you can follow the steps given above.

Sewing Tips for Beginners

Given below are some of the sewing tips that you can follow if you are a beginner:

Bias represents the grain of the fabric, which carries a lot of importance when cutting the pieces.
It is important to keep in mind that many fabric types have an inside and an outside. Therefore, you may want to take a closer look at them to choose the right side for the right side of the garment.
Make sure you have the right size. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. For stitches, it is a must that you add at least half an inch.
Before you start sewing, don’t forget to iron the fabrics. However, keep in mind that some types of fabric cannot tolerate excessive heat. So, it is better that you steam them rather than iron., In some cases, it is better to wash and dry them.
It is not a good idea to go for overly shiny fabrics as they don’t look good in photos. In the same way, don’t go for fabrics that the camera can see through in direct sunlight. For this purpose, it’s better that you go for cotton.

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Tips to Look Stylish in Your Fraternity Apparel

The good thing with fraternity apparel is that you don’t really need to try too hard to make it work. Fraternity apparel in itself is stylish, trendy, and perfect for the life of college students.

Here are some easy tips to look really stylish with any kind of fraternity apparel.

Keep it Simple

The key to look effortlessly stylish in your fraternity clothing is to keep the look really fuss-free. Don’t use too many accessories at the same time. Stick to one or two items of add-ons if you really need to and keep the rest of your look minimal.

Some ideas –

If you are pairing bright-colored tees with white pants or jeans then keep your makeup minimal. You don’t really need to wear bright red or fuchsia lipstick with your orange or burgundy tops. Nude colors can enhance your appearance if you are wearing bright colors on top.

Another idea is to use a bandana in contrasting shades if your fraternity apparel is in white, black, or any lighter hue. Just the addition of this simple accessory can accentuate a simple jean/short and a tee look multifold.

It is best for boys to stick to the basics with their fraternity apparel. Slacks, pants, and knee-length shorts with t-shirts or sweatshirts and appropriate footwear with each look is all they need to look stylish. Add-ons can be sunglasses and caps. Anything more and it can look messy or cluttered.

Opt for Custom Designs

One great way to really take your fraternity fashion up a notch (or two) is to buy custom-designed apparels. Not only you can have your sorority clothes in designs with your unique inputs, you can also add little details to make them really stand out.
Buying clothes from a Greek apparel store where other fraternity chapters might also shop for their requirements can mean you ending up wearing the same clothes as countless others. When you opt for custom designs, you can sport your Greek letters but in your own distinct manner.

Some ideas –

If you are unsure of your creative inputs, one trick is to choose various elements from different items of clothing to make your own unique fraternity apparels. In case you have ideas of your own, many Greek apparel companies are open to using them to create clothes for you and your fraternity members.

Choose from different backgrounds and prints with your Greek letters prominently displayed in the center. Select different lettering style to add variations to the same designs. Use simple nature prints from your own collection or ideas such as trees or flowers for tank tops. Create your own witty slogans for fraternity apparels you need for special events such as recruitment days or fundraisers.

Geometric prints can look trendy and you can combine them with your Greek letters for specific looks. Think golden foil design on coral tank top – inverted triangles in a line with your Greek letters in the center!

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